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Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) wholeheartedly congratulates 53 of its officers and their children who successfully completed the 2019 Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA). On Saturday the 14th Sep 2019, the company donated a total of $26,500.00 TTD to those children to assist with their transition into secondary school. CEO Pamela Hosein advised the children “ … to write down on the day of every birthday, for the next 5 years, the 10 things you like doing most. By the time you’re ready to decide on your job, you’d know what you like to do and you will be very likely to have a very successful and happy career …”. 2018 award recipient Adaylia-Marie Beddoe spoke about the challenges associated with entering a new secondary school but reassured the children present that support and especially parental support will be there and will assist them in achieving success.

The Anthony Joseph Foundation was launched in 2016 by Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) in memory of the late Cpl. Anthony Joseph who died in December 2015 in the line of duty. Anthony served the company for over 30 thirty years with exemplary loyalty and dedication. On an annual basis, Anthony’s Foundation supports the children of Amalgamated Security employees as they begin their journey into secondary school and since its inception, the foundation has supported close to 200 of our young students
We are proud to give back to our employees and by extension our communities by rewarding our children’s’ positive accomplishments. ASSL understands the importance of supporting members of our ASSL Family through innovative programs and remains fully committed to developing the next generation through supportive programmes.

SEQEmployee NameDependant NameDivisionEmp. #
1Rakesh HeerasinghJamie HeerasinghPTD165
2Roger BaptisteRogelle BaptisteEast1486
3Patsy PopeMandissa LaCroixEast Central5012
4Neil PhillMya PhillEast Central5084
5Kelly-Ann Greaves-De JongeKellysha De JongeEast5259
6Annalisa BayneDarius Chin ShueCentral5481
7Nicole MaglourieTishanna BryanEast/Central6754
8Winston SpringerAisha SpringerSouth7990
9Hyacinth HunteIsaiah HarperNorth7997
10Vinola Renn-GrahamKimberly ChattergoonSouth Central8167
11Abeo WilsonNatalie ShearsEast8871
12Cherry Ann ValereRaylon MillerEast Central9269
13Tracy WarnerMyomi O’NeilCritical Incident Unit9287
14Arnold JamesJayden JamesCanine9521
15Annette CharlesAaron RavelloSouth East9563
16Nicole IrishChristell PopeNorth East9599
17Tamika ButlerMa Leah FrancisEast9629
18Rosemarie ThomasZalayah BoatswainSouth Central9711
19Dunlee RaphaelDunlee RaphaelSouth West9829
20Andre MillerSerbira MillerCritical Incident Unit10263
21Ayoola GrappieA’merie MosesEast Central10267
22Maria LambertKamaya BecklesFinance Operations10935
23Nicole AgardNicoli De BiqueSouth11162
24Nyron LouisonAdia LouisonSouth West11215
25Laura MohammedAleah MohammedSouth12218
26Tasha ParkChelsea ParkCritical Incident Unit12520
27Kecia Williams-HarewoodAkil LeacockTobago12556
28Trisha BadreeDarius LeotaudEast Central12730
29Michelle JosephReneece JosephNorth East12909
30Leanne DouglasJordan WarrickSouth Central12967
31Beverly StewartRihanna GrantSouth13164
32Jerome NurseJereesha NurseFirearms13617
33Samdaye SinananShivana PersadCanine13632
34Andy CookAnnicia HinksonSouth Central13773
35Sophia HugginsSiafa HugginsGuard Service East13968
36Marydale Doyle-HortonSamuel HortonCritical Incident Unit14551
37Rachael AbrahamRochelle SlingerEast14636
38Georgette WilliamsMalyca StaffordEast Central14653
39Joanne LeacockKirdejha EsdelleSouth14746
40Mark SeetanMariah SeetanSouth Central15607
41Mark SeetanMonique SeetanSouth Central15607
42Nirmala Khalawan-JawahirAmbrosia JawahirInformation Systems15805
43Tessa MathisonDanielle ReyesElectronic Security & Integrated Systems15911
44Lynakar JacksonMalachi JacksonSouth Central16039
45Keisha WilliamsDyrelle JonesEast16616

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