Amalgamated Security Services (Barbados) Limited

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2014 Executive Chairman’s Long Service Awards Speech

Good morning officers, senior executives, other Managers, support staff and Guests.

As your executive CEO/Chairman………It is a pleasure once again to be before such a distinguished audience of devoted and dedicated group of officers to recognize their loyalty and unwavering commitment and sacrifices made to the organization over the years, cumulating in the many successes and achievements….. most notable our expansion in the region. Our success could not have come without your steadfastness and support of our vision. You have stood the test of time  and  you are being  recognized today for  your  achievement  of long service ….some being  10,15 and 20  years .I wish to thank you for  your loyalty and professionalism in carrying out  your duties  and indicate that  you have made us proud of  your service in  excellence.

I look forward to your continued service in excellence as we chart our journey into the 21st century.

In appreciation for your long service and dedication, the company and by extension your chairman, wish to assign special company shares to you, which I hope you would allow time for further maturity.

As each share has a unit value in dollars that changes yearly depending on the monitory success of the organization, but what is more important than this dollar value is the fact that you are now a special shareholder with a material stake in the company that  you  have served for so long ( part  owner).

So when  you  are unhappy  about  something  or  observed something that is  not  how it should be, it  should  become  your  direct concern  to  get  it  fixed. As it will impact on your share value and equity in the company.

So  once more thank  you  and keep up the good  work and I look  forward seeing  you operate in  your new  role as a shareholder /company owner.

God Bless you all.

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