Amalgamated Security Services (Barbados) Limited

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Alarm Monitoring

Electronic Monitoring

Amalgamated Security Services provides an alarm monitoring service in Barbados that has the hallmarks of Dependability, Reliability and Accuracy. Our intruder monitoring capability is successfully sustained by technology, facilities and dedicated staff that are well equipped and trained. Our Barbados Central Monitoring Station is computerized so that all signals received at the station as well as the actions taken by our operator are automatically recorded.

To ensure that our customers receive prompt and uninterrupted service we have multiple telephone lines for customers alarm signals with an automatic hunt feature. We have installed backup batteries and a backup generator to ensure that there is no interruption in our service. In order to verify that the dialler is functioning properly we program these devices to send a test signal to the Monitoring Station every day. In the event the test signal is not received at the pre-set time the computer notifies the operator and the appropriate service procedure is put in place.


Amalgamated Security also offers a wide range of alarm verification services, to confirm that the alarm activation is in fact a real emergency. In the event of an emergency at their premises, our clients are assured that we will contact the police and fire station plus an emergency response unit will be quickly dispatched to the location.


As an extension of our monitoring service Amalgamated Security also provides Remote Video Monitoring. Through the use of CCTV our monitoring staff can see the activities taking place at your premises, regardless of where in Barbados they are located, and determine the nature of the emergency. This video surveillance capability can also be used to visually monitor other activities at a customer’s premises.

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